Dating Today

29 July 2019


Dating today seems to be more complicated than ever. Some people swear by the success of online dating while others are tired of the hits and misses online. They say that online dating is supposed to make everything more manageable, but it can be so expensive and scary to trust random websites with the fate of your love life. There is a better approach that can help you navigate through the dating world, but with fresh eyes. You have to change your perception if you are going to find a partner with which to share your life.

The first part of taking a look at is online dating. While online dating offers a convenient approach to dating, convenience is not always the best thing. When you see pictures on dating sites, you may pass up on people just by looking at their profile picture. You aren’t taking the time to get to know the person before you pass up on them. You could be missing out on your soulmate by doing this. You will judge them based on their profiles, not who they are as people. Dating online also has a downside of being unable to value the people that you meet. You can have access to dozens of people online, which makes a person seem more disposable. A final aspect of online dating is that it can feel more controlled, which may be suitable for some people but not so much for others.

There’s just something about the thrill of meeting someone in person. When you meet someone, and you two click, it feels like divine intervention has saved you. You feel as if you two were meant to meet in that exact moment. It is such an incredible feeling that you can’t get when you are online meeting people. Even the shortest encounters with a person can feel like there is value in them, making meeting someone more meaningful. You can get to know a person better from in-person interactions. For instance, you may not be physically attracted to them when you first meet them in person, but as you speak to them, you find that you are very attracted to their personality. If you had seen their photo online, you might not have even bothered to meet them. As people age, they may become less attractive, but they will retain the personality of which you fell in love.

You have to think about people as a checklist. You have things that you are specifically looking for in a person, but this can also help you to evaluate what another person’s strengths and weaknesses are. You aren’t going to meet someone perfect, but you are going to be able to meet someone perfect for you. As you see people’s profiles online, you generally only see them as good or bad instead of grey. The downside here is that other people will have the same impression of you. Instead of relying solely on meeting people online, try meeting people in person.