We Are All Different, and Yet the Same

29 July 2019


We Are All Different, and Yet the Same!


A large part of what I believe focuses on the knowledge that even if every person on the planet is different, we are also all the same. We have the same limbs, the same hearts, the same minds – all that separates us is that in which we believe. If we could all adopt a better tolerance of what each other thinks, then we wouldn't be facing many of the troubles plaguing humanity today.


Let's talk about common ground. Are you with me?


Embrace Those Differences!


It is the differences between us that help to create such a culturally rich and exciting world. If we weren't different, there would be no adventure, no discovery – no sitting under the stars and longing. As one Blogger points out that each of us is so utterly different that most of us can never truly comprehend life from an opposite point of view, and that this is the root cause of most of the conflict in the world.


It's a sound premise. If we could all see the world from each other's point of view, then we would be less likely to judge, to argue arbitrarily, or to hurt one another. We would be more sympathetic, more empathetic, and more communicative. However, if we are all that much different then how can we start to mend these differences in world view and make life easier for everyone involved?


I am determined to find out.


What Makes Us the Same?


So, what makes us the same if we are all so very different? We might have different personalities, belief structures, and morals depending on what our individual experience of life has been – but we are all merely trying to survive on the same planet, preferably in harmony with one another. Survival is the key starting point that unites every living thing on this earth. We all want to survive. Conflict makes survival difficult.


Besides survival instinct and the basic needs such as food, water, and shelter; we have all been placed on this earth in frail and fragile bodies that, as a general rule, operate in the same way. Even the Economic Times notes that we are all the same on a fundamental level. If we were to discard each other's opinions and beliefs and focus on the basic shell of the human before us: we would all be the same.


The thing is that every human being alive has had a different experience of reality and exposure to different emotions and levels of love. Each of them has followed a different path in life, and each of them has a different interpretation of the world around them. Understanding this fact is the key to moving forward into a more peaceful future.


What Can We Do for the Future?


So, if we come from the angle of us all being fundamentally the same, even if we have our differences, the world already starts to look like a different place. If someone cuts you off in traffic you don't scream curses at them out the window; you realize that the person is probably stressed, in a hurry, overworked or suffering. Changing our perception is the first step in changing the world.


This global change is already in evidence. Around the world, we are seeing more compassion, more mindfulness, and more people changing their ways every day. If we can continue on this path, then the future doesn't just look better than today; it looks very bright indeed.