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About Lindsay LuvzU

This site is dedicated to all Lindsay’s enthusiastic fans and her work in the film, TV, and commercial industries. She is a trained actor who has appeared in a varied resume of productions. She is also a director & activist having worked on several exciting projects.


Lindsay appears in feature films, documentaries, commercials and other productions. She is famous for her winning smile that always lights up the screen and pleases audiences of all types.


A native of Southern California, Lindsay grew up watching and participating in dramatic productions. She brings her experience, exceptional talent, and superb creativity to directing. She’s as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of it.

Social Media Personality

Lindsay isn’t one of those stars who hides from the public. Her social media accounts buzz with thoughts, shout outs, pics from her latest productions, and news of exciting projects in the works.

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Lindsay is noted for her enthusiastic work ethic, always being prepared, being easy to work with, her ability to bring characters to life, and with a look that is always in demand. Contact Lindsay to discuss your project. She is always open to a wide variety of possibilities both in front of the camera and working crew.

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Read Lindsay’s latest thoughts, ideas, creative concepts, social commentary, and much more. Her blog is filled with a growing offering of engaging content. This is the perfect way for fans to get closer to Lindsay’s creative thoughts and interesting life.


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